Our goal is to provide the
best solution and service

For more than 11 years, our expertise, experience, passion, and commitment to service in the field of labeling and packaging are unrivaled.
And we do it all in-house to ensure consistent quality and smooth project delivery.

Social Responsibility – Keep it Green

We continuously work to safeguard our environment by offering “green” labelling procedures. Our continued investment in technology greatly helps to reduce the manufacturing waste, as we are able to run our technology more efficiently and cost-effectively for our customers.

Quality Check Steps

From the moment any order get entered in system until the time of shipment out of our factory- we undergo an extensive Quality check process to make sure the delivery exactly as per Customer order.

Brief of steps we undergo :

Operators review job card.

Operators check, Order punched in our Cloud base ERP Software is as per Customer specifications.

Operators check to make sure, customer approval for image matching with approved shade card.

Operator produce a sample to perform Quality control checks as below.

(Print-to-print register, print-to-die register, print quality, colour by matching PMS book or internal colour standard, die punch, liner edge, and more)

Operator make sure QC re-check

Rewinder pulls up specification sheets on the computer, along with customer-approved image.

Rewinders wind labels in roll form as per customer given specifications as below.

(Checking rewind direction, core size, number of labels on a roll and printing out barcodes to seal the finished rolls)

Before leaving to shipping, Labels are checked one more last time (3rd check) as below.

(Rewind direction, core size, barcode labels on the finished rolls and part numbers are correct)


The pandemic widespread impact has forced us to make Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and follow them in our day-to-day operations. We understand the crucial role that Labels or packaging material provided to consumers particularly in the areas of food, beverage, personal care, household, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

As an essential step in supply chain, we are prepared to address the needs of our customers. During this difficult and rapidly changing time, we wish to assure our customers, partners and suppliers that Samyak India Pvt Ltd is prepared for the upcoming challenges. We have developed the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which we strictly follow in our day-to-day operations.

Cloud base ERP Software - Backbone of our company

The advancement of cloud-based ERP has opened the possibility of online access to data storage, manage and access from anywhere through the Internet. Using ERP, we can keep the digital footprint of each process and stage from material requisition to final execution.

  • Track Sales orders and achieve efficient workflow.
  • Job-status / progress across all departments.
  • Organize and manage dispatch plans.
  • Helping to enhance Accuracy, Speed, and Consistency across all activities.
  • Cloud-based hosting allows Global access to authorized users.
  • Accessible from a range of devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, etc.
  • Enhances bottom-line effectiveness and improves the overall efficiency of the workforce.
  • Ensure smooth and perfect execution of orders.